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Social Impact

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Community health workers in India watch an educational video on immediate newborn care. Image credit: Digital Medic at Stanford.

Accessible and engaging health education saves lives.

At the Stanford Center for Health Education, we believe that access to health education is a human right. We are committed to reaching people around the world with timely, accessible, and understandable health information. 

We have several social impact initiatives dedicated to building capacity for healthcare professionals and creating a more informed public:

Digital Medic

Through our Digital Medic initiative, we collaborate with organizations worldwide to improve health knowledge, behaviors, and outcomes through high-quality health education. With teams based in Stanford, California and Cape Town, South Africa, we create scalable, open-access educational content to support community health worker training and community education programs. Since 2016, we have served over 36 million learners in 180 countries.

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Education collaborations

We are committed to working with academic organizations worldwide to increase capacity for health professional training at all levels. We share teaching and learning resources and serve as an incubator for curriculum co-development. Working together, we can make health education more efficient and of higher quality.

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Public health education

We believe that health education has the power to save lives. Our goal is to make evidence-based and engaging health education publicly accessible. When pressing health issues arise, we work with Stanford Medicine experts to communicate essential information to the public in a timely, engaging manner.

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Featured Social Impact Projects


Supporting Vaccination: A Toolkit for Community Health Workers

A free digital vaccination toolkit to equip community health workers (CHWs) with the knowledge and strategies to increase vaccine acceptance in their communities. 


Designing a digital health leadership course for stakeholders across Africa

Our team co-designed and co-facilitated a digital health leadership course as part of the Digital Health Applied Leadership Program at the University of Global Health Equity.


Combating misinformation online with educational videos

Explore our free, evidence-based videos featuring Stanford Medicine experts to learn about some of the most prevalent health conditions in the world today.