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Vision and Mission

Stanford Center for Health Education

Even as technology advances, the world’s most vulnerable populations struggle to access both education and quality health care. The Stanford Center for Health Education (SCHE), jointly sponsored by the Vice Provost Office for Teaching and Learning and School of Medicine, aims to accelerate global access to each of these essential goods by leveraging Stanford University’s experience and expertise in the practice of medicine and digital learning.

SCHE supports learners in a wide variety of professional health practices and regions, from community health workers with little access to conventional educational resources to highly-credentialed professionals seeking advanced curricula. At the same time, it offers individual patients, their caregivers, and family members the opportunity to become active and successful participants in their own care, wherever they live.

The center’s vision is to create and disseminate relevant, engaging, accessible, and scalable digital content that will:

  • Deliver a high quality, engaging educational experience to learners around the world, including those from resource challenged regions.
  • Increase knowledge retention by customizing learner pathways based on individual needs.
  • Serve as a catalyst to inspire educational institutions worldwide to improve their own pedagogy and the access they offer to it.

As its mission, SCHE supports a more effective and efficient approach to the training of health professionals at Stanford and around the world while empowering the public through access to credible, accessible, and engaging parallel public health education. In offering content created by faculty in all seven schools at Stanford University, the center aims to increase the global availability of well-trained healthcare professionals, create a more informed public, and improve health outcomes in some of the world’s most vulnerable populations.

SCHE’s core strategy is to repurpose high-quality, health-related digital assets and build strong partnerships with trusted education organizations around the world. Underlying this is the observation that digital content is ideally suited for learner differentiation, timely updating, flexible use, and broad distribution, and that only through partnerships can we ensure the greatest impact on the global health and wellness. The center also supports the creation of hybrid learning programs that optimize online and in-person educational interactions, and aims to empower faculty worldwide to develop additional innovative content and delivery offerings for health and wellness education.

Message from Founder

The Stanford Center for Health Education will accelerate access to education worldwide.

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