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Message from our founder

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Charles Prober

Charles G. Prober, MD - Founding Executive Director of the Stanford Center for Health Education

I am honored to serve as the founder and executive director of the Stanford Center for Health Education. Through the center, we engage and support Stanford faculty in the creation of educational programs relevant to maintaining wellness and managing disease. Based upon the belief that education empowers and health education saves lives, our hope is to extend the impact of Stanford’s broad and deep research and education expertise around the world.
 Healthcare is constantly evolving and advancing, driven by constant innovation. It is critical to stay current with these developments and to be informed of emerging topics in order to provide the best possible service to our local and global communities. We work with many renowned Stanford School of Medicine faculty to develop the courses in our portfolio. Learners look to us for essential, practical knowledge that they can immediately apply to their professional and personal development in areas of health and wellness in the 21st Century.
We are aware that new scientific knowledge and medical advances are not efficiently shared across the global medical community so that they can be translated into improved health outcomes. We believe that Stanford has a social responsibility to address the global deficiencies in the number of health professionals and inequities in access to research findings and medical education. We are committed to extending accessible health education through our social impact initiative, Digital Medic. Through Digital Medic we co-create and evaluate open-access health education materials with collaborators in low- and middle-income communities, largely focused on supporting community health workers and the communities they serve.
The Stanford Center for Health Education can have a substantial impact as health professionals, organizations, and learners around the world use our growing library of health education content. Access to high-quality health education will improve global health outcomes over time. Through the Stanford Center for Health Education, Stanford University can provide innovative solutions to address the most pressing health and wellness concerns around the world. We embarked on this journey in 2016 and are honored to continue enabling lifelong learning for our global community into the future.

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